Boyer Rickel

BOX 10 (lyric)

              a mist (his suffering)          a theme            and lacking closure           like the tick and spin

              of sprinklers on the lawn         list-list-list, they hiss           lacking variation          the spin

              of suffering: a drift dive          downward (like a leaf)          through sleep, through waking

              a theme and variations          the tick and spin of days      (items on a list)           drift lines,

              tide lines (the tick of leaves)        asleep, awake: the drift of closure             the day a mist

BOX 11 (iridescence)

              the heart      measured in rhythms        (as seasons)       (or a sentence):      "when wedged

              in weeds,      a wood duck sleeps"           or: "any object's shape          is two opposing forces

              balanced"         or: "the heart,     when balanced     between two opposing forces,     sleeps"

              or:   seasons shape       the wood duck's rhythms"      or: "balance wedged      two opposing

              shapes         into a sentence"         as: "the heart's object      is sentenced         to a measure"

BOX 12 (iridescence, contd.)

              and: “forces wedge       opposing rhythms       in the heart”            or: “in weeds, an object’s

              shape       is measured         in its rhythms”          or: “the heart objects         when rhythms

              sleep”       or: “wood ducks measure     a season’s forces         as they sleep”        or: “weeds

              shape,      in rhythm,     two opposing forces”           or: “the heart’s force      is measured in

              a sentence”      as: “opposed      in a sentence,    rhythms wedge       the heart into a shape”



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Boyer Rickel's publications include remanence (Parlor Press, 2008), Taboo, essays (Wisconsin, 1999), arreboles (Wesleyan, 1991), and a poetry chapbook, reliquary (Seven Kitchens Press, 2009). His poems can be found in recent or forthcoming issues of Antennae, Free Verse, The Gettysburg Review and The Laurel Review. He teaches in the University of Arizona Creative Writing Program.




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