Ed Ntiri


Can you change the station?  This is boring.  Static, then snippets of verses chopped up like onions, sliding through the crackle of white oil, until doooon’t you know you’re my ev-ray-thang no no not that song, something more upbeat.  Fine.  Ends of guitar riffs, minced words of radio dj’s you just heard the lovely sounds of rotate the dial you requested it, ay caramba slices of drum kicks tap dancing under swinging hi-hats, last one spins right off the dial as Sam Cooke breathes in between lines – maybe by being, an A student baby, I can wait go back a few stations I think I heard something good.  Again, the sizzle of voices jumping from the pan of the speakers, crying pianos cut off by fading refrains.  The dial sighs as Sublime croons nowadays the songs on the radio, they never-mind, just turn it off there’s never anything good on the radio nowadays.




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Ed Ntiri is a jazz musician currently in between instruments. He is a Taurus, which he believes to be important. His work has been featured on the walls of bathroom stalls from Long Island to North Oakland. He doesn't mind if you email him, as long as you use spell chekc. - ed.ntiri@gmail.com




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